1:1 Hour of Power

It’s time to take ACTION!

When it comes to launching or scaling your online business, there is so much that you must consider. So, if you’re looking for comprehensive advice, strategic direction or simply an expert opinion, I can help.

In a 1:1 session we can work on any of the following:

  • Facebook Ads – strategy – what to advertise and when
  • Facebook Ads – techy how-to help
  • Mapping our your Sales Funnel
  • Strategy to grow & monetise your email list
  • Strategy to create digital products & services to sell
  • Email marketing tips for connecting, engaging & converting your subscribers
  • How to create high value core content to drive traffic to your website and grow your list

… and just about any other social media or digital marketing topic your entrepreneurial heart desires, my 1:1 coaching sessions are customised to cover exactly what you want to learn because nobody knows your business quite like you do.

1:1 Hour of Power

$220 (Including GST)

Face-to-face session or Zoom call

On the day of our training, I’ll meet you at your office or home for a 60-minute training session. If you’re out of the state, we can use Zoom to connect and screen share.

Having Jess’ support and stepping me through the process was amazing.

I recently booked a consultation with Jess to assist me with setting up my first Facebook email marketing campaign. As a business owner, we are already stretched for time so Facebook ads have always been something I wanted to do but never felt like I had the time to learn and implement. Having Jess’s support and stepping me through the process was amazing. She is soooo helpful and broke it down simply to make the whole process easy and fun. I highly recommend her services.

Jodie Tapper

Vital Wellness Pilates

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook & Instagram Ads in 2019.

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