Is your Lead Magnet good enough?

Creating a Lead Magnet is something we often overthink, overcomplicate, second guess – and never end up promoting… mostly, because we’re worried that our content is just never good enough. But guess what? If you hold yourself back on launching your...

Retargeting Tips For List Building & Launching

Are you planning on using Facebook & Instagram paid ads to build your list or launch your program this year? If so, retargeting is going to be a major player in your overall social media marketing strategy. When it comes to Facebook advertising it’s easy to...

Advance Your Targeting with the Audience Insights Tool

Have you ever used the Audience Insights Tool to research your Facebook Ad targeting options? ( It’s not the same as the audience insights you have access to on your Facebook Page or Instagram business profile… It’s better!) What is the audience insights tool? It...

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook & Instagram Ads in 2019.

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