Sales Funnel Strategy & Action Plan

A long-term strategic approach to social media

You’re ready. You’ve got a solid business plan. Your branding is on point and you’ve been using social media to connect with customers, increase brand awareness and drive engagement.

Now it’s time to automate your marketing efforts and use paid advertising campaigns to drive traffic into an automated funnel that helps to convert only the highest quality leads that align with the profile of your ideal customer.

Let me do the hard – strategic – work for you.

Book my Sales Funnel Package and you will not only have the strategy I design for your business to use as a template, you’ll also learn how to create, implement and execute a campaign that actually converts.

Plus, with my easy to follow, step-by-step action plan as your guide, you will have hands-on experience launching an entire marketing funnel.

Sales Funnel Strategy & Action Plan Package

Price: $660 (Including GST)

60 Minute Initial Consultation

An initial catch-up will help me understand the ins and outs of your business, including your marketing goals and objectives. During this session, we’ll develop a long-term and short-term Sales Funnel Strategy.

Development of a Sales Funnel & Campaign Strategy to promote your Products or Service

I’ll then develop a custom Sales Funnel & Campaign Strategy designed to find attract & convert your ideal customers and clients.

Step-by-Step Implementation Guide to help you launch, with ease

A plan is just a plan unless you know exactly how to MAKE IT HAPPEN!! That’s exactly what my step-by-step implementation guide will allow you to do. You’ll feel confident to implement everything yourself or pass it on to your VA.

30 Minute Follow-up Consultation

Follow up support allows you to reach out to me for any tech-help, or advice.

Ready to book? Fill out the form below and I’ll contact you to arrange our initial consultation!

Sales Funnel Strategy

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