In this episode I want to share with you our little annual tradition, it’s our process of reflecting, planning and setting goals for the new year.

The biggest difference between goal setting for your business, and this, is that this is a process that Jovon (my husband) and I do TOGETHER each year.

We’ve done this together for years, even when Jovon worked corporate and my business was a hobby – and I really do believe it’s been so effective for us to really stay aligned and focused on our big LIFE goals and how we’re going to achieve them.

In this episode you’ll get raw insights into:

  • Our family values, and how they help us make life & business decisions
  • How we reflect & celebrate the year including the big wins AND the goals we didn’t achieve.
  • Our really low-key & casual process for setting family, personal & business goals. [Think: a crayon & a single piece of paper.]

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