Today on the podcast, we’re talking to the amazing Gemma Benad all about adopting a success mindset, especially during a launch (when you often feel so exposed, vulnerable & afraid). Shifting your mindset and energy during a launch from being full of fear to one of abundance & success will have an incredible impact on who you attract to your course. People aren’t buying what you teach > they’re buying into YOU as the teacher!

I know I’m one to talk about strategy, tech & funnels > but trust me when I say that mindset, attitude & energy is something you need to be constantly working on if you want to scale your income and impact.

Here’s what we chat about:

  • Why it’s important to be consistently working on your mindset as you scale your online business.
  • How to lean into your launch with more authenticity, accepting of all emotions and feelings (good and bad!).
  • Practical things you can do when you start spiralling down a negative thought pattern during a launch.

Find out more about Gemma Benad here:

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