This week’s episode is all about Facebook Ads, and how to reduce your cost per lead!

If you’re an online business owner and you’re ready to scale your online course, you’re going to need to generate leads and grow your email list using Facebook Ads. You can do this during your pre-launch by promoting your lead magnet or during your launch by promoting your launch event, be it a webinar or a challenge.

Your cost per lead (how much it costs you to get one person on your email list) is one of the most important metrics you need to track, and reducing your cost per lead is going to become one of the ultimate goals when it comes to your Facebook Ads.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • A quick update on the continuing Facebook/Apple saga and what you need to do with your Ads to avoid them being switched off.
  • How reducing your cost per lead will have a positive impact on your sales results.
  • What a good cost per lead is, and how you can track yours.
  • 3 tips to reduce your cost per lead (and they’re not all to do with the Ads themselves).


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