When it comes to launching courses, it’s really important your messaging is aligned throughout your entire funnel. From your pre-launch content, through to your webinar and your sales page. This is something I don’t think people speak enough about – which seems crazy – because mastering your message is the key to being able to scale your launches.

Today I’m bringing Lisa Kniebe on the show to share with you her tips to help you master your messaging for your next course launch.

In this episode, we’re chatting about:

  • The difference between messaging and writing copy
  • Key mistakes people make with their messaging during a launch
  • How to refine your messaging whether you’re just getting started in your online business, or ready to start scaling.

Next year I’m joining forces with copy coach Lisa Kniebe to bring you an exclusive 6 month Mastermind experience for course creators who are ready to scale up their launches.

Click here to find out more & join the waitlist: www.jessicatutton.com.au/mastermind


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