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Welcome to this episode of Ready, Set, Launch! Today we’re going to talk about WEBINARS! Webinars are quickly becoming my favourite way to launch a course. They’re fun. They’re engaging. And they convert really really well.

My last 2 webinars have had a 20% conversion rate from the people who attended. Which means 20% of people who have shown up live, have purchased my course.

And this isn’t because of trickery, fancy slick sales tactics or seamless tech setups. Trust me, I keep things REALLY simple.

So in today’s episode I want to share my top 6 tips to a client winning webinar.

    1. Make sure your messaging is aligned. 

From your FB Ads, to your webinar topic, to your sales page > You need to make sure you’re attracting the right people for your offer.

    2. Don’t over-teach. 

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is trying to over deliver in their webinar presentations because they’re afraid of people attending the webinar and complaining that the webinar was all ‘pitch’ and no value. 

The truth is, you’ll likely – at some stage – have someone come to you unhappy with your content. It’s inevitable when you’re scaling. Remember: You’re not showing up to please that person. You’re creating your content for your DREAM client > and you don’t want to overwhelm her. She just needs a few quick wins to give her the roadmap to solving her problem. Your paid program will give her the exact “how to”. 

    3. Practice your pitch. 

The pitch is what all my students dread the most. And I’ll admit – It’s a tricky one to transition to. The best thing you can do to master your pitch – is practice practice practice.

    4. Keep your tech simple. 

If you’re just getting started with webinars, I recommend Zoom simply because you’re most likely familiar with that platform and you can avoid having to learn anything new or create any complex integration.

When you’re ready to ‘upgrade’ to a better experience for both YOU as the presenter and your audience, then I would recommend Demio. It’s simple, affordable & the features are incredible.

    5. Create incentives for people to buy while you’re on live.

People are most likely to buy anything when there is an element or urgency or scarcity. When you’re live on the webinar your audience – make your sales pitch fun by offering an incentive for people to buy before you end the session.

And YES – this does work.

    6. Focus on getting people to show up LIVE

Getting people to attend ANY free event whether in person or online is always a challenge. You really need to focus on:

  • Making sure your audience knows all the details; date, time, how to join
  • Send plenty of reminders
  • Create further incentives (like a BONUS PDF guide) to people who attend live.

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