Welcome to this episode of Ready, Set, Launch! In today’s episode I want to share with you my 30 lessons from my recent 36k launch.

Last month I launched Facebook Ad Launch Formula. This is my signature program to help course creators launch & scale their digital products using Facebook Ads.

During the launch I generated 36K in sales from the course, and in today’s episode I want to openly share 30 of my biggest lessons from this launch. From what worked really well, to what I know I need to change for my next launch; I’m pulling back the curtains and sharing it all in this episode.

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Hey guy! Welcome to this episode of Ready, Set, Launch! In today’s episode, I want to share with you my 30 lessons from my recent 36k launch.

Just to give you the back-story, in case you’re not on my email list – last month I launched Facebook Ad Launch Formula. This is my signature program to help course creators launch & scale their digital products using Facebook Ads. I teach them my 3 step process which includes how to build their list before their launch (and how to start making sales stat), how to fill up their webinars and create live launch events & how to make sales during the open cart period – all by using Facebook Ads.

To date, my business has heavily relied on Facebook Ads – and it’s my chosen platform for scaling because it’s easy, affordable & automated.

Now, this launch wasn’t my best ever executed launch – however, it was one of my most profitable. It was a solo launch with no team helping me & I also have 3 young boys (at the time my husband was still working (he has now retired).

That’s important to share because I want you to know what is realistic and possible if you’re doing it solo too.

So for this launch, I spent $8k on Facebook Ads (Because it’s my 4th launch and I know it converts) and in total, I generated $36k in sales.

I think that’s ok! a 4x ROI on for launch is good.

But – It could be better. (and I’ll share how – and what I’m working on in this episode too).

At the end of each launch, I like to sit back & reflect on what worked and what I’d like to improve on for the next launch.

So here are my 30 lessons from a 36k launch.

  1. Plan & prepare all launch-related content in advance. I want to start mapping out ALL the things at least 4-6 weeks before my webinar.
  2. Hire home help before, during & after launch. I don’t want to cook, clean or try to ‘juggle’ the kids and work. 
  3. Webinars are my favourite launch style, and they convert like crazy too. I hosted 2 webinars and had a 20% conversion rate from people who attended my webinar LIVE. Which is the same as my last launch.
  4. Focus on getting more people to show up live. New time slots, better communicating time zones, more live sessions.
  5. Practice my webinar before the live event as if I’m going to present at a LIVE STAGE EVENT
  6. I love incorporating a Facebook group in my launches to create community & really nurture them before the webinar. But it’s noted: they’re a lot of work. Especially because i like to personally reply to each intro, comment & questions. As I scale, I want to still bring this level of service (because it’s a part of my values) but It’s not physically possible. So I’ll have my team on to that task.
  7. Pre-trainings are really valued by my audience. I shared 3 bonus trainings in the days leading up to my webinar and shared them in the Facebook Group. This helped to educate & nurture people who might not have been able to attend a webinar live. I also want to consider doing more mini training in between launches.
  8. Focus on pre-launch list building. This is something I teach in my course, and it’s something I need to execute better myself. The reason why this is important is because it allows you to really nurture your audience before selling. Also, generating leads for a lead magnet is cheaper than generating leads for a webinar.
  9. A 7 day open cart works really well for me. I was able to maintain energy during that time. Any shorter and I would have felt a little stressed to squeeze in all the sales during that time… and any longer I would have fatigued.
  10. Schedule in some R&R during launch week. Book exercise classes. Book a message or float. Perhaps a lunch date with hubby. 
  11. Schedule in ALL the content during open cart. Sometimes I think I’ll be able to easily just do things on the fly – and I don’t. No brain space & limited time for these little tasks.
  12. The inbox will get hectic. From emails asking about the webinar time to thank you emails to questions about my program. Have my assistant help with emails and answering FAQs.
  13. Automate the onboarding sequence. This is the sequence people get when they purchase my course. I do currently have a welcome email that tells them all about what to expect, how to find their login in details, how to join our Facebook Community & when the group coaching calls will start… but I feel like this could be perfected with some reminders about the group, reminders about the coaching calls and just answering some of the commonly asked questions.
  14. Clear the schedule for the week post-launch. Nobody talks about post launches. But post-launch is kinda like the day after a big party. You’re tired. You’re (emotionally hungover) and you’ve got to do some cleaning up, resting & recouping.
  15. Focus on showing up more on IG Stories: in between launches & during the launch. I know this is a huge untapped platform for me. To date, I just haven’t had the time or space to want to focus my energy here. 
  16. Celebrating new members! Group & IG 
  17. Write more emails (segment based on when they joined my list) – or better yet – hire a copywriter.
  18. My waitlist converted well. Focus on building this in between launches.
  19. Create a mid-cart bonus to boost sales during the dead zone. The dead zone is that period in your launch between the rush of early bird and the rush of close cart.
  20. Most sales will come in during the early bird phase, when you offer a discount.
  21. Affiliate partnerships are absolutely worth considering
  22. Emotions will always ebb and flow during launch week, and that’s ok. Expect it. Plan for it. Inform the family of it. 
  23. Interviews with past students are fun & effective during open cart week. Be more intentional here.
  24. Reduce client work during launch weeks.
  25. Launching becomes easier the more you do it – this is a big lesson guys. I’ve rinsed and repeated this launch 4 times now. There’s less I have to create from scratch.
  26. 1:1 enquires will always increase during a launch – consider creating a VIP offer
  27. Create a survey for & downsell for people who decide not to join.
  28. Be surrounded with like-minded business owners. To bounce around ideas, turn to during the dead zone & collaborate with on bonuses.
  29. Outsource things to the experts: I had my sales page & 6 sales emails written by a professional copywriter and they converted really well.
  30. People do really buy energy. I can see how my energy has shifted from launch to launch, as my confidence grows, my sales increase. I wish I could have told myself to be patient a few years ago.

There you have it guys.

They are my 30 lessons from my recent 36k launch. If you are launching soon or if you’re just coming out of a big launch I highly recommend you write yourself a list like this. It’s quite therapeutic AND helps for when you’re preparing to re-launch.

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