Are you constantly umm’ing and ahh’ing over what to charge for your course, membership or 1:1 services?

You are not alone!

I think every entrepreneur has had a moment where they sit and look at their sales page or services page – thinking – “Will people pay this?” “Is this too expensive?” or perhaps even thinking “I know I need to increase my prices… but HOWWWW???”

Pricing your business to generate profits, without burning yourself out, requires some strategy, thought and – in some cases, some expert help!!!

That’s why I wanted to bring Jess Miller on to the podcast to chat all about pricing your courses, memberships & 1:1 services.

In today’s episode, Jess & I chat about:

  • How to get started with pricing your online offers
  • Discounts, early birds, bonuses & value stacking during a launch
  • How to increase your prices with more ease

Jess has an upcoming free masterclass Pricing for Profit where she’s going to share how to charge with confidence, attract more clients & grow your bottom line – without all the pushing, sacrifice and ‘shoulds’. You can sign up for that here: 

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