Do you keep pushing back the launch of your course?

Is the anxiety of your launch keeping you up at night?

Was your last launch a super stressful experience that left you feeling like a failure?

The fear of launching is real, and the fear can show up in so many different ways.

In today’s episode of the Ready, Set, Launch Podcast I’m chatting with Sam Dhu all about fear, imposter syndrome & how to stop playing small in business.

Sam Dhu is a Positive Psychology Life Coach and psychotherapist with six years of university qualifications. Sam is also a Mum, business owner & has first hand experience with pushing through her own fear to launch her online Biz Mama Mindset Experience.

Join us as we chat all about overcoming big emotions when it comes to launching.

Want more help from Sam to get unstuck and stop procrastinating? Click here to sign up for Sam’s free masterclass.

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