This week on the Business, Babies & Passive Income Podcast I’m chatting with Hayley Brown all about how to show up as a leader in a 1 woman operation. 

Hayley is a Mum of 2, juggling business & babies, who pivoted from working in HR & Corporate to becoming a Leadership and Life Coach helping women in business identify their strengths as a modern leader & successful entrepreneur.

Hayley admits that when she transitioned from corporate to solo business owner, she struggled to see herself as a leader, but she quickly realised that being a leader in a 1 woman operation is essential in order to build a successful brand and business.

In this episode Hayley shares:

  • What it means to show up as a leader in your personal life & online business
  • Simple mindset shifts you can make to help you identify as a leader, and show up with authority.
  • How confidence might be holding you back from showing up as a leader, and what you can do about it.

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