In today’s episode we’re going to be talking numbers… Because if your Ads &/or Funnel aren’t converting – your numbers will be telling you why.

This episode is applicable for all funnels and all ads.

  • You might have a lead magnet with an email sequence, that might not be generating you any sales.
  • Or an online e-commerce store that isn’t profitable.
  • Maybe you’ve tried to launch your course with a challenge or webinar in the past without much success.

When you don’t see immediate results in your campaign, instead of just shelving your funnel; giving up… or starting something completely from scratch…

I highly HIGHLY recommend first looking at your funnel from start to finish.

Because your numbers will be telling a story. They’ll tell you exactly what’s working, what’s not working & where people are getting stuck.

And when you learn to read this, you’ll know what needs tweaking.

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