In today’s episode we’re going to learn how to nurture new email subscribers.

Quite often you’ll hear about the importance of building an email list, but what we don’t often hear about is what to do after someone signs up to your list. And this is a really important stage of a funnel, because this is how you create not only a killer first impression, but also a lasting impression – that often will lead to sales conversions. 

So today I’m bringing Yael Keon on to the podcast to talk all things ‘email automation’ and what to do after someone signs up to our email list.

Yael Keon is an email marketing consultant with over 15 years experience working in multi-national corporations from high level strategy right down to day to day marketing administration.

Yael has a really unique ability to see the big picture and map out practical steps to achieve results, and she now helps small business owners to navigate their way through the world of email marketing, helping them find the right strategies and methods for their unique business. This is done through her blog, membership and one on one consulting projects.

In this episode we’re going to learn:

  • What you should do with your email subscribers once they’ve signed up to your list
  • How frequently you should send emails in a nurture sequence
  • When you start selling to your email subscribers
  • How to #automate your weekly content
  • + practical tips on writing your emails

Want more email tips & strategies from Yael?

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