Have you taken the time to set your business goals for 2020? If you’re a little stuck with where to start, tune into the latest episode of the Business, Babies & Passive Income Podcast!

Jess Miller from The Inspired Mark is going to help walk us through planning our 2020.

This isn’t your typical “New Year, New You” goal setting exercise. 

In this episode, Jess is going to share…

  • How & why you need to reflect on the year that was 2019 
  • How to create boundaries & schedules that allow your business & family life to run harmoniously
  • How to set *achievable* & meaningful goals in your business, whilst also making sure you’re stretching your comfort zone 

& we also talk about some of the challenges that we, as Mums, can face when it comes to having a planned out year… like; school holidays, sick kids & trying to work from home in those small pockets of time.

If you want to find out more about Jess from The Inspired Mark:

Check out her Website: https://theinspiredmark.com/

Follow her on Instagram: http://instagram.com/theinspiredmark

Register for her FREE Challenge: http://bit.ly/2SSJHbr

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