What you need to do before you create an online course

What does it take to create & launch a successful online course or membership?

A successful online course requires so much more than great content… You also need:


  • Thorough planning.
  • Smart & strategic promotion.
  • A lot of patience & persistence.


Today I want to talk about planning, and more specifically, the 1 thing you need to do before you even create your next online course, membership – or really, any new offer!

When most service-based businesses decide to create a new online course or membership, they usually create their offer based on…

a.) What they THINK their ideal clients or customers want/need – based on their experience in the industry or based on THEIR interests/desires/goals.

b.) What their competitors have (successfully) launched.

c.) Trends happening within their industry.

But the problem with creating a membership/course or service based on any of the above is that you’re not really listening to what your audience WANT from you…. and they’re the ones that REALLY matter.


Here’s an activity that I challenge you to do if you’re in the planning phase of a new online course or membership…


1.) Ask yourself ‘What is the problem I’m solving’

Eg. I want to help people DIY their SEO


2.) Who is my ideal client for this new service

Eg. I’d LOVE to help bloggers generate more organic traffic to their site because I KNOW It’s such a huge missed opportunity


3.) Put a call out on social media, in Facebook groups & to your list to interview 10 ideal clients via Zoom.

Eg. “I’m looking for 10 bloggers who really want to drive more traffic to their website organically but have really struggled with learning how to use SEO in their business. I’d really love to spend 15 minutes with you on the phone to talk about the frustrations you have with SEO and in return, I’ll give you 15 minutes of my time to answer any of your SEO related questions.


4.) Ask them a bunch of questions about their dreams, goals, struggles & experiences relating to your course topic…


  • How much traffic are you currently driving to your website?
  • How are you currently driving traffic to your website? How much time do you spend on this?
  • What do you need help with the most when it comes to learning SEO?
  • Have to you tried to get help with this is the past? What worked and what didn’t work?
  • How would you prefer to learn SEO? Would you prefer to learn a little bit about SEO each week? Or would you prefer a step by step course that you can go through at your own pace and in your own time?
  • If you could generate 3x more traffic to your website each month from SEO, how would that impact your business?


The sad truth, most people won’t do this…

Because it’s uncomfortable. It feels hard. You might even think ehhh, I know my ideal clients – I don’t need to do this.

But trust me – the more experienced you are in your topic of expertise – the more you need to do this, because you may be surprised by the ‘gap’ between what you want to teach and what your clients want to learn.

These calls will set you on the path to creating a profitable course. They’ll also give you the CONFIDENCE to move forward faster with creating your course – because you’ll hear first hand from your dream clients that they NEED YOUR SOLUTION!

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