Are you planning on using Facebook & Instagram paid ads to build your list or launch your program this year? If so, retargeting is going to be a major player in your overall social media marketing strategy.

When it comes to Facebook advertising it’s easy to assume that the bigger the audience, the better… and it’s tempting to target people based on demographics and interests.

Retargeting your existing audience, whether that be your website traffic, email list or Instagram followers, is absolutely worthwhile because they already know, like & trust you – are therefore they’re going to be ‘most likely’ to join you for your next challenge, sign up for your freebie, or buy your next program.

Here are 5 retargeting strategies will help you get in front of the right people at the right time, to help reduce your cost per lead and cost per conversion…


Convert your existing fans & followers into email subscribers


Your social media is the very top of your funnel, where people discover you because they’re interested in you and your services and are still very much getting to know you. Of course, it’s critical to build a relationship with your audience over time through posting organically on your page/feed/stories… but It’s also important to try and convert your audience into email subscribers.

Start my promoting your Irresistible Lead Magnet to people who have recently engaged with your Instagram Profile or Facebook Page and use email marketing to provider greater value to your audience and to have more in-depth conversations…


Convert your website traffic to email subscribers


If blogging is part of your content strategy, create an audience based on people who have recently read one or all of your recent blog posts. Then, promote your lead magnet via a Facebook Ad to convert them to email subscribers.

Again, this is about finding people who have expressed interest in you and your business, and giving them the opportunity to learn more from you.


Target people who have watched your videos 👀


I’m sure you know that video is all the rage right now, and hopefully this little tip will encourage you to go Live on your Facebook Page more often, instead of solely using Instagram Stories. (😉)

As part of your weekly content strategy or pre-launch strategy, commit to doing 1 Live video per week on your Facebook Business Page providing educational content relating to your paid services.

Then, when it comes time to promote your launch content, target people who have watched a certain percentage of the videos that you’ve published to your page.


Retarget your existing email list


One of the most painful parts of email marketing is the open rate #amiright? Even with an engaged community, your email open rates might only be 30-40%.

This is frustrating when it comes to launching an amazing new program, challenge or free webinar. Not only because you want a successful launch… but also because you want your audience to be able to benefit from your content, whether that be paid or free. And to do that – they at least need to know about it.

So in this case, I recommend targeting Facebook Ads to your email list at various time within your launch sequence.

Eg 1 – Engagement ) You’ve been promoting a free challenge for 2 week, and the challenge starts tomorrow! Create a Facebook Ad targeting people who opted in for the challenge, and remind them why they signed up, the benefits of showing up and what they can expect to learn. Because engaging existing leads is cheaper than finding new ones.

Eg 2 – Sales ) You’ve opened the doors to your new program, membership or course! 💃🏻Create a Facebook Ad directly promoting your paid offer, and target your email list. These are the people that are MOST LIKELY to buy from you!

Facebook Email List


Retarget people who came close to buying!


Your HOTTEST leads are the people who’ve visited your sales page & even clicked to checkout – but then baulked, and exited without buying!

These guys might just need a little re-assurance that your offer is THE BEST solution to their problem. So, retarget them with a video Ad, answering some common hesitations and objections they may have about purchasing and entice them to take the final step with you. Or, share with them a bunch of testimonials from current and past clients or members.


Retargeting is VERY AFFORDABLE!


I’ll leave you on this note, guys!

Retargeting a warm audience is cheaper (and more effective) than targeting a cold audience based on interests… simply because your audience size is going to be smaller, so you won’t need a big budget to reach everyone.

Give it a go, and let me know how it works for you!

xx Jess

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