Advance Your Targeting with the Facebook Audience Insights Tool

Have you ever used the Audience Insights Tool to research your Facebook Ad targeting options? ( It’s not the same as the audience insights you have access to on your Facebook Page or Instagram business profile… It’s better!)

What is the audience insights tool?

It provides a huge amount of ‘insights’ (hence the name), including demographic and behavioural data about your audience and that of your COMPETITORS. 💡

In this Blog I want to show you exactly how and why I use the Audience Insights Tool, and how you can do the same.


Here’s where you can find the Audience Insights Tool…

FB Ads Manage | Audience Insights


Why is this tool so fab?


When you have over 1000 fans or followers on your Facebook Business Page, you can see the top 10 other pages that your audience like.

This is a great insight into your audience, their interests and your potential competitors or collaboration partners! 

  1. Select the relevant countries or country (It’s always preset to United States)
  2. Click in the Pages search bar and select your page (some pages are found under places)
  3. Click Pages Likes tab

FB Ads Manage | Audience Insights


How does this help with targeting? You can create a Lookalike audience!


In the screenshot above you’ll see the insights to my Business Facebook Page. You can see the other categories & top 10 pages people like are all related to business and marketing.

Now I know I’m attracting the right audience to my page, I’m confident to create a lookalike audience based on my Facebook Page Fans.

Don’t have 1,000+ followers? You’ll still find this tool useful by researching other interests & pages.


Researching Other Interests & Pages


Chances are if you don’t have 1,000 followers, all your targeting is going to be based on Interests. Eg. Targeting other pages/people your ideal customer is likely following.

The Audience Insights tool will allow you to research these Interests.

Eg. Let’s say you want to target women in Australia who like Gabby Bernstein. First, let’s research this audience to see if it aligns with the women you want to attract…

  1. Select the countries or country you’d like to target
  2. Select the gender and age range of your ideal customers
  3. Search your interest in the Interests
  4. Click the Page Likes tab to view the top 10 pages
  5. Click the Demographics tab to view age range, gender, relationship status, locations & more

FB Ads Manage | Audience Insights


What do you need to look for?


With this Gabby Bernstein audience screenshot above I can see that the other pages people like are related to business, mindfulness & motherhood. So if this aligns with my ideal customer profile, I’ll be happy to use ‘Gabby Bernstein’ as an Interest based targeting option.


Here’s how to target this interest in your Ads Manager…


  1. Select the countries or country you’d like to target
  2. Select the gender and age range of your ideal customers
  3. Search your interest in the Interests
  4. Check the audience size. (Aim for at least 200,000 if you’re targeting nationally or internationally, or 50,000 if locally)
  5. If your audience size is too small, add a second interest. Just be sure to research it first!

FB Ads Manage | Audience Insights

In Summary…

Researching your existing fans and other pages helps you make more informed targeting decisions, which will lead to a high quality audience, high quality leads & higher quality clients.

Try it, and let me know how you go!

xx Jess

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