Recently I asked my audience to complete a survey to help me better understand where they’re feeling stuck with their marketing. (If you want to have your say > click here to complete it now!)

One of the questions I asked was…

“How do you feel about showing up online”

and not surprisingly…


37% of people said they’re NOT putting themselves out there online.

27% of people said they do it, but it’s painful.

22% of people felt self conscious, and were worried too much about what others might think of them.


So, what does it mean to show up online?

Basically I’m talking about showing your FACE and sharing your VOICE.

Showing more of YOU, the human behind the brand.

It’s the scariest thing to do, but also the best way to increase that know, like & trust factor with your audience.

Recently, I signed up new client for some 1:1 consults and when I asked how she found out about me she said…

“Oh I’ve been following you online for a while, I’ve watched your videos and you just seem really nice and genuine… Oh and you obviously know what you’re talking about.”

She would not have been able to form that opinion of me if I didn’t show up online.

You are your best point of difference, and people need to see and hear from YOU! They want to know what goes on behind the scenes, they want to know why you started your business, they want to know what your next big project is.

Social media is not just about curating relevant content and scheduling 7 posts a week – that’s actually the kind of content that will get really low reach.

Treat your audience like humans. Imagine they’re walking into your brick and mortar store. Engage with them, ask them questions & just be YOU. 

Now, if you’re afraid to show up online – let me tell you – YOU ARE NOT ALONE AND IT’S NORMAL.

The fear is real because your mind is trying to protect you from potential danger. So the first step is to accept that, and tell yourself that you’re safe. 




Start by sharing photos – photos aren’t as scary as videos, but they can still be challenging to share. Photos of YOU are going to perform better than a perfectly curated feed with little imperfection.

  • If you sell clothes – show people what you’re wearing!
  • If you’re a consultant – share a selfie with your clients.

The best advice I remember reading years ago is “Show, don’t sell”

Now, once you’ve mastered your photos – you graduate to VIDEO!

Whether it be a pre-recorded video or a FB or Insta live – video is a great way for you to reach more people online and go one step further with increasing that know, like & trust factor – because not only are you showing your face – you’re sharing your voice.

And your voice is powerful.

You are the brains behind your business.

How can you incorporate video into your strategy?

Educate, inspire, interview someone or just show up and chat about whats going on for you in your business that week!

The best thing you can do is be natural & honest.

If you’d like to dip your toe in the water, here’s an example of what you could say:

“Hi guys, the is my first ever LIVE – I really want to show my face around here more, get to know you and share with you what goes on behind the scenes. Expect to see me every Monday morning, where I’ll be sharing ____ , ____ & ____ – so keep me accountable, and I’ll see you next Monday!’

What’s great about THIS video script? 

  1. You’ve overcome your fear
  2. You’ve introduced yourself
  3. You’ve told people want they can expect from your lives
  4. You’ve made yourself accountable

If you’re still scared I want you to ask yourself….

What’s the absolute worst thing that could happen here? and if that happens what will I do?

For example…

The ABSOLUTE worst thing that could happen is that I could hit LIVE, and go blank, forget what I’m planning to say, stumble my words, go red in the face and cry.

And what would you do if that happened?

Delete the video and try again!

I remember when I first went live – I sat and starred at the red button for a good ten minutes before I pressed GO. I prolonged the anxiety, big time! But that ‘first time’ was THE HARDEST, and the more consistent I am with doing video – the easier it gets!

Just start.



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