3 Alternative Ways To Discover Your Ideal Customer

How many times have you been asked to describe your ideal customer in vivid detail…

  • How old are they?
  • What’s their relationship status?
  • Do they have kids? pets? plants?
  • What movies do they like?
  • Do you read books? Magazines?

It’s something I’m sure you’re asked by every business coach, marketing consultant and at every workshop. (I know, because I ask my clients the same questions, all the time!)

I also know how hard it can be to answer these questions!

When I first started my business, my biggest fear was that by narrowing down my ideal customer, I would be excluding a huge percentage of potential customers.

And I couldn’t have been more wrong.

When you discover your ideal customer, you’ll find it easier to communicate & connect with your audience online… You’ll naturally start to attract people who align with your vision, values & beliefs… and this will ultimately lead to building a strong brand, and selling more of your products and services.

So, today, I want to share with you 3 alternative strategies that will hopefully allow you to finally discover who your ideal customer is.

This exercise was inspired by one of my students in my online course Master Your Facebook Funnel. Anna was working through my online course, and when it came time to discover her Ideal Customer, she felt stuck… so she emailed me and asked:


“How on earth am I supposed to know these things?? maybe an ideal customer, defined to the level of detail in the workbook, just doesn’t apply when you’re selling a book for entertainment?”


Now, from an outsiders perspective… I could see that Anna had a very clear ideal customer… but she was struggling to see it herself. (You know when you’re a little too close to your biz?)

EVERYONE has an ideal customer, and It doesn’t mean that your ideal customer is the ONLY person that is ever going to buy from you.

An ideal customer helps you market your business more effectively, by allowing you to create products, services & content to the people who are *most likely* to want and NEED and LOVE what you have to offer!

Here are the 3 helpful strategies that you can use to finally draw out that ideal customer profile…




Instead of trying to understand WHO your ideal customer is… try working backwards… who is definitely NOT your ideal customer.

Have you had a bad experience with a customer or client? Maybe your values didn’t align… maybe they wanted you to sacrifice your quality of work to get the price down? Maybe they were just really difficult?

Start thinking about the people you don’t want to work with. Describe their personality profiles… Why don’t you want to work with them?

If you want to take it one step further, of if you a new business launching a product or service and don’t have any real-customer experience under your belt. Try looking at your circle of family and friends.

Who wouldn’t be suited to the product and service you’re selling? and why?

This activity, whilst a little negative – really helps you get clearer on the people you WANT to work with.




Sometimes, you are your ideal customer!

Think about it – Did you create your business to solve a pain point that you once experienced…

Profile yourself at that time in your life. Because chances are, that’s where your ideal customer is, right now!

  • How would you describe yourself?
  • What books were you reading?
  • Who did you follow on social media?
  • What comedians did you find funny?
  • What was your favourite documentary, tv series or movie?
  • What did you hate about life 3-4 years ago that made you create this business?
  • What did you love about life 3-4 years ago that attracted you to this business?




When you picture someone buying your product or engaging you for your services, what does that picture look like?

If you’re a service based business…

  • Is your client an individual or part of a team or company?
  • Are they working from home, a co-sharing space or in an office in the city?
  • Where and why are they engaging with you?
  • What do you love about working with them?

If you’re a product based business…

  • Is your customer someone who loves online shopping and sits up in bed doing some online shopping on a Friday night? or do they like the experience of shopping in a centre or a market?
  • Are they searching for a budget buy? or high quality Australian made products?
  • Do they care about where & how your product is made?
  • Do they share a lovely review of your product on their Facebook or Instagram?

Really imagine who your ideal customer is, by visualising her or him working with you or buying from you.




If you’re reading this blog, and still scratching your head, just ease up a little.

Don’t let it stop you, stress you out, or take up too much of your time… Because, it’s likely your ideal customer will change and evolve over time, as you gain more experience and continue to grow your business.


What’s Next?


As you get clearer on who your ideal customer is, I want you to start talking to that one person in all of your marketing material.

Brainstorm 10 answers to each of the following questions:

  • What problems and pain points is she experiencing in her life that your products or service can help solve?
  • What questions does she have about your product or services?
  • What objections might she have about purchasing your product or service?


This will help form all of your content for blogs, videos, email marketing, social media & beyond.

I really hope this helps you get clear on who your ideal customer really is, and how you can create content that connects with your audience.



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