How many times have you heard someone say ‘Facebook Ads don’t work!’ 

I know I hear it allllllll the time, so I thought I’d share with you why that blanket statement is simply not true. 

Firstly, If you feel like Facebook Ads don’t work, I’m sure that feeling is justified.


Your Ads didn’t work.

You lost money.

You didn’t see a return.


Totally get it!


But does that mean Facebook Ads don’t work? or YOUR Facebook Ads didn’t work?

Facebook provide a brilliant advertising platform – the best, in my opinion. From advanced targeting options, right through to you being in control over your creative.

Facebook connects you, and the ad that YOU create to an audience that YOU select… and they drive that audience to YOUR website.

So, if your ads plummet, It’s not the platform. It’s likely one of the following:

  • Campaign settings
  • Targeting
  • Creative
  • Offer
  • Product
  • Message
  • Brand
  • Website
  • User Experience
  • Funnel

Can you see how many factors there are in creating a high converting Ad?

When your Ads don’t work – It’s not the end of the world. It’s an opportunity to review & improve your strategy.


I create ads that don’t work all the time. It’s part of the game.

But I’ve learnt how to handle them, to minimise the loss. And it starts with accepting that the problem is not the platform, and instead – asking yourself “What is my audience telling me?”

When you look at your analytics, you can see what’s working in your ads, and what’s not. You can then use this information to alter your budget & strategy.

I call this the TEST, TRACK & TWEAK strategy.


TEST – Split test everything!


How do you know what’s working well – if you’ve got nothing to compare it to?

When you’re taking your business online, playing a little bit of strategic trial & error – works really well!

I suggest testing A LOT, to really see first-hand what’s working and what’s not working.

  • TEST your offers & promotion. Does your audience respond better to a blog post, a lead magnet or a direct offer?
  • TEST your campaign objectives. Using an engagement objective with an existing page post is cheaper, but does it generate quality leads? Test it directly against a traffic campaign objective – and let your numbers tell you what’s working.
  • TEST your targeting. Will a lookalike outperform an interest based targeting option?
  • TEST your placements. You might LOVE instagram – but does it perform better than FB for lead generation?
  • TEST your copy. Does short copy grab attention or will your audience respond best to storytelling through long copy?
  • TEST your format and media. “A video will outperform a stock photo, right?” Don’t ask me! Split test it!

See where I’m going here?😂There’s no formula! The only way you’re going to crack the code is by testing everything.


TRACK – All your numbers…


Now there’s no point in split testing, if you’re not keeping an eye on your numbers… otherwise you’re not going to know what’s working… right?

So I bet your next question is… “Well what numbers are good?”

I definitely can set basic benchmarks for you… like a cost per click of under $1… but some of my clients can have a cost per click of 0.15c…

So here’s what I do instead.

Did you ever compete in little athletics or cross country? Are you familiar with setting your PB (Personal Best)?

I recommend my clients set their PB for each of the following metrics that are relevant. Then, there aim is to simply compete against themselves.

  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Click through rate (CTR)
  • Cost to reach 1,000 people (CPM)
  • Relevancy
  • Cost per lead (CPL)
  • Cost per purchase (CPP)
  • Website conversion rate
  • Landing Page opt-in rate
  • Webinar show up rate
  • Email open rate
  • Email click through rate


TWEAK – Tweak them to perfection


The aim of this step is simply to do more of what IS working, and less of what ISN’T working, and adjust your strategy & budget accordingly.

For example – If you noticed that Instagram is outperforming Facebook in all of your numbers. Adjust your strategy and budget to focus on that platform and start split testing more Instagram placements & creative.


Final words of advice…


Before you start advertising on Facebook, you need to have a solid brand, business plan & marketing strategy.

Don’t dive into Facebook Ads if your business is failing and you’re looking for a saving grace. Instead the platform should be used to scale your already successful business beyond who you’re reaching locally through your networks and organic reach.

When you’re ready to start advertising on Facebook, remember – there’s no secret strategy! It takes time, patience & strategy to get them right. So take your time to understand the platform, learn how to read results & don’t give up after the first hurdle.

Good luck & reach out when you need help!



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