5 Steps to Create an Irresistible Lead Magnet

Are you ready to start building your email list & attracting a steady surge of perfectly-targeted leads EVERY SINGLE DAY?

Well guess what? When you create a irresistible lead magnet, you’ll quickly find that attracting your dream clients, building your tribe & scaling your business will be simple, seamless & fun!


So, what is a ‘Lead Magnet’?


It’s basically a free (but extremely valuable) piece of content that you offer to your audience to entice them to sign up to your email list.

A freebie that ATTRACTS leads… aka. a Lead Magnet 🙌


What’s the purpose of creating a Lead Magnet?


A Lead Magnet allows you to grow your email list with people who are interested in your products and services.

This then allows you to directly communicate with your leads via email on an on-going basis… providing more value, building a relationship and eventually promoting your paid solutions.


Is a Lead Magnet different to a Newsletter?


Heck YES!

A newsletter provides little to no incentive to your audience. There’s no benefit or exchange of value.

Can you remember the last time you signed up for a newsletter? I can’t!


Our Inbox is becoming sacred ground… and if you want your audience to welcome you into their Inbox – you need to make the content WORTHY!


There are so many great ways to welcome your audience to your email list; from checklists, cheatsheets & workbooks to free challenges, quizzes, courses & webinars…

But quite often the ‘getting started’ step is the hardest…

(You: “But, where on earth do I start?”   >    Me: You start with… SIMPLE!)

…It’s easy to fall in the trap of thinking that MORE is best… you don’t need to WAIT until you can afford a videographer to film a 3 part video series that looks as perfect as Marie TV!

Sometimes LESS is best.

The BEST lead magnets are simple, quick and provide an immediate solution to a pain point that your ideal customer is experiencing RIGHT. NOW.


Here are my 5 steps to creating an IRRESISTIBLE lead magnet that will generate leads every single day of the year without even having to pay for advertising…


1. Narrow your focus

It’s SO important that you ensure your lead magnet is perfectly aligned to the product or service that you sell. Otherwise, you won’t be attracting dream customers and clients & your un-subscribe rate will sky-rocket.

If you’re a service based-business with different products and packages to suit the needs to customers with different problems, servicing requirements or budgets – I want you to create this lead magnet with one particular service in mind.

Eg. If your a real estate agent – focus on either; Buyers, Sellers, Property Owners & Renters.


2. Understand your ideal customer

When you know what you’re selling I want you to shift your perspective to the customer. Who is your product or service going to HELP or SERVE?

Create a profile of your ideal customer. What are their interests, demographics & behaviours?

TIP: If you have existing clients or customers – think about your favourite! What is it about them that you like? Refer back to when you first met this person.


3. List their pain points

List 3 (or more!) of your ideal customers pain points. These are problems that they’re experiencing in their life RIGHT NOW that your product or service can help solve.

TIP: Dig deeper than surface level problems like ‘they want to sell their house’ and think about their underlying fears, goals & aspirations.


4. Offer a quick solution

How can you offer a quick solution to help START to solve that pain point? What content can you deliver to them that will give them a QUICK win?

It’s important that you don’t try to fix all there problems here – because chances are you can’t! Plus, you want to offer something that they can implement with EASE.


5. Deliver the content 

Once you’ve decided on the content you’re going to deliver. Think about the BEST way to deliver it.

Will this be a:

  • Short email series
  • Checklist to stick on their fridge or desk
  • Workbook they can print and complete
  • Video series that can watch on repeat
  • List of helpful resources


Once you’ve created this lead magnet… I want you to ask yourself:


  • How will they feel BEFORE reading/listening to this?
  • How will they feel AFTER reading/listening to this?
  • Will they feel accomplished after reading/listening to this?
  • Will they say ‘Holy Shit – this is AMAZING – I can’t believe this is FREE!?!’


Remember – this lead magnet is a digital *first impression* – and just like in the real world, It’s about presentation, content & delivery.

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