What to consider when hiring a Social Media Marketer

Too many choices in any situation can make a simple decision extremely difficult. When it comes to looking for help with your Social Media Marketing; there are so many incredible consultants, small businesses and agencies to choose from – and this can make the hiring decision extremely daunting and confusing.

Sometimes it can feel so overwhelming, that we avoid getting help altogether.

This blog is written to help you decide exactly what you need help with, and how to find the best help, for you.

This is not a shameless self-promotion blog that will lead you to me, every which way you turn. Whilst I do offer some of these services myself, I also happily support other social media legends within my Industry when I know they specialise in an area that can benefit my client.

So, here’s what you need to consider, and what you need to look for when finding the right help.


What do you need help with?

It’s really important that you find someone that specialises in the area in which you need help with the most. To do this, you really need to narrow your focus and decide exactly what it is you’re looking to learn or outsource.


Organic Social Media Marketing


  • Social Media Posting
  • Content Creation: Posts, Blogs, Email Marketing
  • Live Videos
  • Instagram Stories
  • Email Marketing


Paid Social Media Marketing


  • Facebook Advertising Campaigns
  • Creating Sales Funnels
  • Lead Generation
  • Tech Set-up


Do you want to outsource or DIY?


This is always an important consideration because quite often people will specialise in one or the other. Naturally, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. A great marketer may not be the best teacher. So,  are you looking for someone to manage your Marketing or do you want to learn how to do it yourself?




When it comes to outsourcing the first thing you need to decide is exactly what you want to outsource.

Do you want to outsource:


The Management: I refer to ‘The Management’ as a person or group of people who will become immersed in your business, be the strategic thinker, creator and implementer.


The Strategy: This is where someone with a high level of experience will provide you with the strategic direction for your business on your platform/s of choice and you (or your VA) will then implement the strategy.


The Admin: If you’re happy with your strategy, then perhaps you just need help with the tech and admin of running the day-to-day tasks.




If you’ve decided that you want to learn how to DIY, you’ll need to decide how you learn best…


Do you prefer to learn via:


One on One, Face to Face: 1:1 training sessions are becoming increasingly popular. The benefit to learning 1:1 is that you get to focus only on your business, and the areas you need help with.


Workshops & Conferences: Workshops & Conferences are a great way to escape the daily distractions and learn in a group environment. Perfect if you want a jump-start.


Online Courses: This is usually a self-study model which requires some self-discipline. The benefits of online courses are that you can Pause, Rewind and Repeat. So if you’re forgetful, this is a great option, and usually the most affordable long-term solution. Online Courses usually come with group or 1:1 support to help answer questions along the way.


What’s your budget?


This is a biggie and quite often will impact your decision on how and who can help you.

It’s important that you decide on your budget upfront. Whether that be a monthly budget for workshops and courses or a monthly rate that you can afford to pay a VA or agency.

If you can’t afford to invest anything, yet… there are plenty of free resources to learn the basics of Social Media Marketing.

Just be careful. Don’t become a webinar-junkie or freebie chaser. All the really good stuff, the strategies that are going to help you grow – will need to be paid for.

Don’t be afraid to invest in learning or outsourcing your social media marketing. Just track your return on investment in everything you do.

If I ever have a customer concerned with paying $1,000 for my online course in Facebook Advertising & Sales Funnels – I always ask them how many sales will they need to make in order for this course to pay for itself? > That then forms our initial goal/target.


Next Step…


Once you’ve decided on ALL of the above – write a checklist of everything you’re looking for. Then, create a shortlist of social media marketers that you’re aware of and find the person that:


  • Specialises in the platform that you need help with
  • Has hands-on experience in your Industry
  • Aligns with your business values, and the way in which you want to grow your business.


This might mean that you have more than 1 person helping you, and that’s ok. I would actually go as far as to say ‘watch out’ for anyone who says they can do it all for a small fee.

Have you heard the saying ‘Jack of all trades, Master of none.’? Social Media is a beast – and to know it all is downright impossible.

You’ll find that a great social media marketer will work seamlessly with another.

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