The Art of Selling Anything Online

Are you struggling to authentically and genuinely SELL your products &/or services online?

Today I’d like to go back to basics and share with you the 3 keys to selling ANYTHING online… specifically through Facebook paid advertising campaigns…

These 3 keys were recently shared in my live & interactive online workshop, and I was amazed at the feedback I received from business owners who were able to instantly make changes to the way in which they promoted themselves on social media.

Now, If you’re new to my blog – you should know that I apply the K.I.S.S (Keep it simple stupid) method to the way I teach… This is because selling online isn’t HARD – when you do it right…

and how do you do it right?

Well, firstly – Don’t focus on selling AT ALL. Which leads me to Key number #1.


Key #1 – Focus on helping people


This is all about defining your offer (What you’re selling) and your message (How you’re selling it).

It’s about learning how to sell your products &/or services in a positive way, that is focused MORE on the benefits to your audience, and how you can HELP them.

Take a step back and ask yourself…

  • Why did you start your business?
  • What is it about your products &/or services that make your business unique?
  • Why do people LOVE coming back to you?
  • Why are your products &/or services so deeply valued by your customers?
  • How do your products &/or services solve a PAIN POINT that your customer is experiencing?


You’re not selling. You’re helping. 

You’re not a salesman. You’re a problem solver.

Now you might be thinking… “b.. b.. but I just sell pot plants!”

How do those plants make people feel? What are the benefits of having plants inside? Why are your pot plants the BEST?


KEY #2 – Find the people that need the help


This is all about creating strategic campaigns, targeting the right audience and advertising on the right platforms.

It’s one thing to KNOW who needs your help, It’s another thing to find them, and target them effectively.

I use Facebook Advertising, predominately, to reach my dream clients (It’s likely that’s how I found YOU!). With Facebook’s advanced targeting and re-targeting abilities – getting your message in front of the right people, and at the right time, has never been easier!

However, not everyone is on Facebook.

It’s important that you really think hard about who needs your help the most, and discover where they hang out online or offline.

Then – be there! Simple.

Consistently share your message of how you can help. Start to build a relationship & provide value to your audience.


KEY #3 – Make it easy for them to get the help


This is where I drop the F-bomb… FUNNELS

Key #3 is all about making sure you have a sales funnel to help convert your traffic into leads and your leads into sales.

A sales funnel does not have to be complex. In fact, quite often – a simple funnel will convert the best. After all – you’re trying to make it EASY for your audience to get your HELP.

First – Your sales funnel needs to provide your audience with enough information in order for them to be in a position to buy… Ask yourself ‘What does my ideal customer need to know, and how do they need to feel in order to want to buy from me?’

Second – After you have provided them with that information, make the buying process simple & easy.

So, what is the process that your audience will go through from first seeing you to buying from you?

Walk through that process yourself and map it out. Every. Single. Step.

What happens after the ‘click’… How do people take the next step to get in contact with you… or to sign up for your offer… or to buy your products

Are you making that process as simple and seamless as possible?

The online world is DISTRACTING.

If you are not clear with what the NEXT STEP is – your audience will not take action.


Final Words


Is there a secret sauce to selling online?

Absolutely – but it’s nothing fancy. In fact, I think when you break it down, It’s basic common sense.

Be real. Sell online, like you would sell offline.

Sometimes (or maybe all-the-time) we can sit a little too close to our business because we’re emotionally and financially invested.

If you need help setting up your campaigns or funnels – book a 60-minute digital marketing training session and we can set it up together.

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