29 tools & resources that I can't work without

I often get asked about the tools, programs, apps and resources that I use in my business.

To be honest… when I sat down to write the list… I was overwhelmed with how many programs I actually needed to run a semi-automated online business.

So I thought I would share it here, with you.


First, let’s start with the daily basic’s…


Social Media

My daily tools for creating social media content, and creating Facebook campaigns are…

Facebook Business Manager – To manage pages, and ad accounts for myself and my clients

Facebook Power Editor – To create & manage my Facebook Ads

Canva – To create graphics for Facebook Ads, Instagram & Pinterest

Typorama (Mobile App) – To create text overlay images for social media (from my mobile!)

Plann (Mobile App) – To plan my Instagram from my phone


Stock Photos

I use a combination of paid and free stock photos in my business… Here are my favourite websites for both:

Adobe Photo Stock – To license & purchase stock photos. This is a paid subscription – and worth every cent. 

Pexels – To access free stock photos

Pixabay – To access free stock photos


Email Marketing

Email Marketing is slowly becoming *fun* for me… I’ve tried 3 platforms, and this one is my favourite.

ConvertKit – To create email marketing campaigns. I prefer ConvertKit for my business because it’s easy to create specific automation and rules, which allow you to segment your list, with ease. PERFECT if you’re looking to communicate with segmented audiences.


Messenger Marketing

I’m not a HUGE messenger marketing fan, yet… However, I think it’s something to look out for in the future. All I have to say is – 80% open rates…

ManyChat – To create Facebook messenger marketing campaigns. This is very similar to email marketing; you provide an incentive for a user to join your list – this then allows you to directly message them in the future.



Confession here – I’m not the most organised person. I would *no joke* pay someone to organise my life right now. So, these tools assist me in my everyday business life to help me stay on track…

Trello – To organise and prioritise projects and manage team members

DropBox – To store all of my files in the cloud! (Best decision ever!)

Google Docs – To save documents in the cloud! Therefore – saving my computer from crashing!

Quickbooks – To manage my bookkeeping


Website & Landing Pages

I’m a DIY girl – I do all my own tech stuff (for now) and these are my tools of choice when it comes to DIY websites and Landing Pages.

LeadPages – To creating single high-converting opt-in pages. I use LeadPages for absolutely EVERYTHING – from regular lead magnet opt-ins to webinar registration pages and sales pages. It’s a CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT program.

WordPress – Divi by Elegant Themes – This is a ‘drag and drop’ theme which makes DIY website design really simple and stress-free.

Bloom by Elegant Themes – To create opt-in forms for my website. It’s by far the easiest plugin I’ve used!

A2 Hosting – To host my website. This is not my field of expertise – however, I have tried a few others – and they were RUBBISH compared to A2 Hosting. These guys have given me INCREDIBLE customer support. I once deleted my website (it wasn’t backed up)… and they re-installed it within hours.

Yoast by SEO – To help with SEO for my website. Again, I’m not an expert in this area AT ALL – but it’s still a tool I use… and it’s easy… and it works.


Now, let’s look at some of the fun stuff…


Video Recording & Editing

I’ve recorded at least 30+ hours of video content… Here’s what I use (and recommend)

Screenflow – To record & edit desktop videos and tutorials. I’ve used this tool to record my entire online course.

Blue Yeti Microphone – To ensure high-quality sound for video recording. This is the BEST microphone, but very expensive.

Sony Dynamic Stereo Headphones – To allow for voice sound control when recording videos. 

Pop Filter – To get high-quality sound for video recording. 

Slik S640 tripod – To create face-to-camera videos from my iPhone.

Logitech pro stream webcam – To record high-quality face-to-camera videos from my laptop.


Online Webinars & Video Conferencing

When it comes to delivering LIVE workshops to an audience… you need high-quality programs that can handle live streaming. Here’s my top picks:

Zoom – To host small group conferences

GotoWebinar – To host large group webinars LIVE without any delay. (The best hosting platform on the market)


Online Course

I create my online course using a simple WordPress Website. Then, I use these programs to help LOCK the website and create a membership portal.

WishList Member – To create a membership website for my online course

SamCart – To process payments for my online course, including automated payment plans. This program integrates well with my membership site to allow for automation.


And there you have it…


You now know all the tools that help to semi-automate my business.

I’ll make sure I keep this Blog updated with any new tools I add to my *must use* list.

Enjoy xx


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