How to attract high quality leads from Facebook

Facebook advertising has the ability to provide amazing results; likes, shares, engagement, reach & low-value sales… but when it comes to promoting a service based business – you NEED to approach advertising with a long-term vision & have a lead generation strategy. Because, let’s be clear, 99% of your dream clients aren’t ready to buy from you straight away.

You need to be more focused on providing value.

Treat advertising just like networking, but online. If you pay money to attend a large conference with thousands of potential customers, are you going to pitch your services to every individual? Or are you going to introduce yourself to people, and get to know them a little before promoting your services? (Heck, you might even offer some free advice to help build rapport and establish authority!) And when you leave the conference with names and business cards, but no sales – are you happy? Yes, because you’ve formed new connections, and gathered LEADS!

Facebook Advertising is no different, and when we advertise on Facebook we need to be mindful & aware of our dream clients, and their buying behaviours.

When you adopt the right attitude and perspective, you can begin to appreciate the impact Facebook advertising can have on your business.

Are you ready to connect with your dream clients? Here are 6 steps to creating a super simple lead generation funnel!


Step 1 – Create a valuable piece of content


The first step in the lead generation process is to create a valuable piece of free content. This content should appeal to your dream clients ONLY! The intention here is to attract the people you’d LOVE to work with and repel the ones you don’t.

Now, for this particular funnel, make sure this piece of content is non-gated, meaning that your dream client DOES NOT have to enter their details (name, email address, ph number) in order to receive it.

This content needs to be 100% free, easy to access & extremely valuable.

An EPIC blog post is a great way to get started, or, if you don’t like writing, a video is even better.

Your Blog or Video should start to solve one of their biggest challenges or pain points.

Let’s start by thinking about your dream client…

  • What CHALLENGES are they facing?
  • How can you help them solve their BIGGEST challenges?
  • What can you do to give them a QUICK WIN today?
  • What do they need to KNOW, in order to want to buy from you?
  • What do they need to FEEL, in order to want to buy from you?

If you’re struggling to decide on a topic for your free content, or if you’re feeling overwhelmed… narrow your focus.

  • Focus on only 1 dream client
  • Focus on only 1 of their biggest challenges
  • Focus on only giving them a QUICK WIN

Then, create the content.

Don’t procrastinate.

Creating amazing content isn’t easy. Which is why, if you can do it right; you’re dream clients will be grateful. They’ll start to value your expertise. They’ll start to trust you…

…and that, my friend – is exactly what you want.


Step 2 – Offer a premium content upgrade AKA lead magnet


Your blog or video is going to leave your dream clients wanting MORE. Which is why you need to end with a clear call to action to get them to subscribe to your email list, by offering them your lead magnet.

Your lead magnet is your premium piece of content. Gated content. A bonus, valuable freebie that they can access, only when they subscribe.

Your premium gated content needs to be relevant to the topic discussed on your blog or in your video & it should be the icing on the cake.

Some great ideas for lead magnets are:

  • Cheat Sheet
  • Checklist
  • Resource List
  • Guide
  • Email Training Series
  • Video Training Series
  • Webinar

Please make sure whatever you offer – is really, really, good. You want your dream clients to think *Wow, I can’t believe this is free!!*


Step 3 – Drive traffic to your EPIC Blog post with Facebook Ads


Now that you have a lead generation funnel to attract your dream clients and repel the tyre kickers… it’s time to drive traffic.

There are plenty of ways to drive traffic to your content.

Organically, by posting on your social media channels; Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest and a heap more…

… And using paid traffic. Specifically, in this case, Facebook Ads.

I love Facebook Ads because you can be really specific with who you want your ads to be targeted too, and it’s automated.

With this type of funnel, you can set your Ads to run continuously for as little as $5 a day. Then sit back, and feel comforted knowing that new fresh faces are seeing your blog or video on a daily basis.

I always recommend creating Ads in the Ads Manager, rather than boosting a post. You’ve got much more control over your objectives, targeting, split testing, and ad creative.


Step 4 – Track that traffic


The other benefit of advertising on Facebook is the extensive tracking abilities.

By placing a tracking pixel on your website before you start advertising, you can track the people that read your blog. Or, If you’re advertising your video, you can track the people that watch your video.

You can then create a new custom audience based on people that have viewed your content.

Here’s how:

Go to your Ads Manager, and navigate to Audiences.

Ads Manager - Audiences


Click ‘Create Audience’ & choose ‘Custom Audience’

Create customer audiences for website traffic & Facebook engagement!

Creating a custom audience

Create these audiences now, before you start ANY Facebook Ads.


Step 5 – Email your new subscribers!


Now that you’ve got traffic on your website and your email list is starting to grow, here’s what you can do to help convert your new leads into paying clients.

Continue to build a relationship with your new email subscribers.

Email Marketing, believe it or not, actually works.

I know, I know…. These days we’re bombarded with marketing emails, day in and day out. And I won’t say that email marketing works for all industries… but it certainly works for most industries.

It’s the best way to directly communicate with your audience.

So, what can you send your new subscribers?

After sending them their freebie, present them with a low-value offer. Nothing too heavy or pricey. At this early stage in the relationship, you might risk scaring them away. (A little bit like a guy talking about marriage on the first date!)

If you ONLY sell high-ticket products and services, and you don’t have any low-value offer to present to them…

… Then continue providing them with free, valuable content, on a consistent basis.

For example, you might like to invite them to a webinar and deliver enormous value. Then promote your high-ticket product or service after the webinar.


Step 6 – Re-target new Ads to your warm audience.


Once you’ve reached at least 1,000 video views or blog views, you can create a new Facebook Ad, targeting your website traffic or video views. 

The theory behind re-targeting is that your audience is familiar with you, and therefore more likely to buy from you. Re-targeting campaigns are PERFECT if your objective is to gather leads or make sales.

Remember those custom audiences you created in Step 4?

To create a re-targeting campaign, create a Facebook Ad Campaign and in the Audience section, click the ‘Custom Audience’ search bar and choose from your list custom audiences.

Custom Audiences


That’s it, folks!

That’s what I like to call a lead generation funnel. It works, go ahead and give it a try.

If you need help, feel free to book a session and we can create it together!

xx Jess

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