Ladies who launch without the Real Housewives drama. Just real results on repeat.

When you imagined launching your course were you thinking… passive income, five or six figure launches, opening the doors twice a year and in between enjoying family time, retiring the hubby or going travelling? 

Chances are you weren’t thinking you’d be… 

  • busier than ever 
  • doing the actual work of two businesses – your face to face and your course launches
  • chasing your tail after every launch and feeling like a strung out mess!

If only you could hit pause and focus on just ONE thing to grow and scale your next launch.

It’s like you’re teetering on the edge of finally having the dream outcome for your business and lifestyle, but you just can’t quite get there. Why does launching feel so hard?

Save the dramatics for reality TV. We’re going to show you how to launch like a boss. Every Single. Time.

Launching should be a predictable source of income that gives you your time back.

The thing no one tells you about launching is it isn’t a once-in-a-lifetime event. It’s forever. 

To run successful six-figure launches year after year, you need to lose the mindset that they’re one-offs and look at them as part of your business model and an integral part of your cash flow ecosystem.

To have sustainable, repeatable launches that replace your coaching income, you need to keep scaling and growing your launch system

They say the hardest launch isn’t the first or the second – it’s the third one. That’s because launches are a constant evolution. To scale them, you need to evolve, refine, and strategize every single one.

It’s about formulating a predictable blueprint that’s unique to your business and spans the next three to five years of business growth.

Skills don’t pay the bills. Strategy does.

Yes, you’ve got the skill set to run a launch. You know the pieces to the puzzle. Facebook Ads, check. Webinar, check. Sales emails, check. But knowing what to do isn’t giving you the results you need.

What’s missing is strategic thinking.

When you get strategic you finally figure out the one thing that’s going to make the difference. 

We’re going to help you figure out what your one thing is so you can reach your sales goals.

This six-month mastermind blends one-to-one and group coaching so you can map out your business vision, create a strategy, and launch successfully.

During this mastermind, you’ll finally figure out the thing that’s missing from your launches – what it is that will make them a repeatable success every single time.


Together, Lisa and Jess will map out your six-month vision and create a strategic plan for you. This plan will have the legs to take you through the next three to five launches in your business as you grow towards a six-figure launch. 


You’ll get three private 1-hour coaching sessions with Lisa and three 1 hour coaching sessions with Jess. 


Every month, you and the rest of the ladies will get together for a group coaching call. Learn from other launches and expand your strategic understanding so you can continue to scale your launch.


Every month, we’ll release launch training sessions to help you round out your education and give you the skills that you can apply to your three- to five-year business plan.


You know that time between running a webinar and the cart closing where there are five days with zero purchases? We call it the dead zone and some entrepreneurs bail on their launch then. That’s why this community is so important. We’ll keep you on track and moving towards launch success, even when the dead zone hits.


You’ll get supplementary training to troubleshoot every launch scenario, so you never feel lost mid-launch again.


We’ll bring in three guest experts throughout our time together to help you hone your skills in specific launch areas.

Launch all the way to the bank.

Launching should feel like driving a car. Down the coast. With the roof down and the sun shining. The tunes pumping. Cruise control on.

It’s a party, and your entire audience is invited. 

Say hello to a stress-free launch you’ll love.

What’s in the program?

  • A six-month vision and strategic plan created for you by Jess and Lisa
  • 3 x private coaching sessions with Lisa
  • 3 x private coaching sessions with Jess
  • 6 x group coaching sessions
  • 6 x launch lessons
  • Guest experts
  • Learning Lounge

Your Investment.

7 Instalments

$1,100 AUD

(That’s ~$800 USD)

1 payment upfront and monthly instalments from Jan – Jun 2020.

One Payment

$7,000 AUD

(That’s ~$5k USD)

Pay upfront & save $1,000!

The Application Process.

Schedule a call with us >>

Schedule a time to meet with Lisa & Jess to discuss your 2021 business plans and if the mastermind will suit you.

Complete your application >>

Before your call we will ask you to complete a short application so we can best understand your vision, mission & goals.

Secure your spot >>

Successful applicatants will receive an offical invitation & you will secure your spot with your 1st instalment payment.

Prepare for success >>

You will receive a welcome pack with everything you need to set yourself up to have an EPIC start to 2021.

Applications Close...








Get our eyeballs all over your launch nooks and crannies.

As a solo entrepreneur, you know it’s time to get a second (and third) set of eyes when you’ve looked over your sales page for the 40-millionth time and the zombie state has taken over. 

Check out our eyeballs. 

Introducing Jess Tutton

As a Facebook Ads Specialist, Sales Funnel Strategist and Automation Queen, I partner with entrepreneurs to help them achieve launch success by learning, implementing and executing marketing strategies and programs.

I’m the straight-talking, bar-rising strategist here to spot your true potential then push you that little bit further into what I know you’re capable of achieving. I’m going to hold you to your highest potential and highest standard. 

I’m going to hold your hand and help you take a leap of faith so you can hit goals that weren’t even on your vision board.

I’m action orientated and a strong advocate of imperfect action always winning.

Introducing Lisa Kniebe

As the Launch Success Coach, I help business women translate their one-to-one work into online courses.

With my background in copywriting, copy coaching and messaging, I’m the nurturing, creative, soul-stirring coach who holds a heart space that allows words, ideas and clarity to flow.

I’ve got the cunning ability to make connections between ideas and income, mapping out the clear pathways that will take your launch from a confused mess to clear success. 

As an engagement specialist, I’ll show you how to build a safe space and community where you can show up as your authentic self (there are no sleazy snake-oil salesmen here, thanks) and sell soulfully. 

Together, we’ll make your launch a repeatable success. 

Launching shouldn’t be hard. Or dramatic. Or leave you a strung-out mess. Launching shouldn’t be something you dread. 

Launching should be a predictable source of income that gives you your time back. 

And that’s exactly what this mastermind is here to do.

If you’re ready to add launching to your business model, replace your one-to-one income, and get your time back, apply now.

Your Investment: AU$7,000. By application only. Limited to 20 spots. 

The Launch Accelerator starts in January 2021.

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